If you’re having issues with linking your debit or credit card, your card may not be enabled for online transacting and/or 3D secure. Each bank has a different process for enabling 3D secure, please look at the options below:

To enable 3D secure on your FNB card, kindly open your FNB app and follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your FNB app (the desktop version is the easiest)

  2. Select the ‘My Accounts’ tab

  3. Select the ‘My Cards’ sub-tab

  4. Click on ‘Activate/Update Now’ tab under the ‘Verified by Visa’ sub-section

  5. If you haven’t set up OTPs for your debit card, then you will be requested to do so now. If you already have OTPs set up, then please ignore step 5

  6. You will either be sent an OTP to the cell phone number registered on your FNB account. Or if you have the mobile app, you will be asked to open and confirm the 3D secure request

  7. Once done, your card will be activated for 3D secure


Once you’ve successfully enabled your card, please ensure that you have more than R3 available in your bank account before trying to link the card. You must also use the correct expiry date and CVV.