There are a few common error messages that you may receive on the app. See a few of these listed below. If the error you are getting isn’t listed here please contact one of our support agents on for some help.

Error messages:

  • Phone is rooted (specific to Android devices)

Spot only works on Android devices that have not been rooted. You can unroot your device by downloading the SuperSU app from your app store. Once downloaded and installed, go to the settings tab and select full unroot. To find out more about unrooting your device, you can check out one of the examples at

  • Unable to find UUID

Your UUID or Universally Unique Identifier is basically a unique device ID that every phone has. Spot needs to have the UUID to be able to send notifications and identify a device linked to one or more accounts. If you have not rooted your device try restarting your phone and try to install the app again. Alternatively, if your phone has been rooted, follow the same steps described in the rooted phone error message explanation.

  • OTP entered too many times, account blocked

Your bank sends you an OTP when you try to link your card on the app. If you enter an incorrect OTP too many times your account will be blocked as a security measure. Each bank has a separate set of rules for managing OTPs. You need to contact your bank to unblock the card. You can then log back into the app and try again.

  • Unable to verify my account

There are several reasons why we are unable to verify your account. The most common of these are:

  • Your bank card is not 3D secure enabled with your bank
  • Your card is 3D Secure or Internet Enabled with your bank but there may be
    • Insufficient funds to do a pre-authorisation
    • Your bank has set your online shopping limit to R0.00 (this is particularly relevant for Capitec cards)
    • Your bank has not enabled recurring payments as a feature on your debit card (this is particularly relevant for Capitec cards)